Institute of Tropical Medicine,
Antwerp (Belgium)

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Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp

Postal address: Nationalestraat 155, B-2000 Antwerp, Belgium


Site coordinator


Emmanuel Bottieau

Tel.: +32-3-24 76 450

Site members


Patrick Soentjens

Tel.: —


Joannes Clerinx

Tel.: —

Type of Institution

  • Travel clinic
  • Outpatients department
  • Inpatient department for tropical diseases
  • Research department


  • Pre-travel services
  • Post-travel outpatients services
  • Inpatient care

Special services

  • Online consultations
  • Migration medicine
  • Consultations for international companies
  • Outreach screening for Chagas
  • Quality control lab for parasitology

In-house facilities

  • Laboratory
      • Haematology
      • Chemistry
      • Parasitology
      • Virology
      • Mycology
      • Serology
  • Ultrasound
  • X-ray

Links / collaborations

  • EuroTravNet
  • Bernhard Nocht Institute, Germany
  • LeishMan

Current research

  • New molecular diagnostics for Schistosomiasis (Cooperation with Bernhard Nocht Institute, Germany & Dept. of Parasitology, Leiden, The Netherlands)
  • New molecular diagnostics for Leishmaniasis (LeishMan cooperative)
  • Improving diagnosis of travel related diarrhea
  • Molecular diangosis of imported Dengue (ENVID cooperative)

Future research interests

  • New treatment options for malaria
  • Predictors of uncomplicated malaria
  • Surveillance of adverse events of newly introduced anti-malarials
  • Improving diagnosis and treatment of Loiasis