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StaphTrav - European network on imported S. aureus

Collaborative research between TropNet & StaphTrav

StaphTrav is a research collaboration for the surveillance of imported Staphylococcus aureus in Europe initiated by the Institute for Tropical Medicine, Travel Medicine and Human Parasitology, Tuebingen, Germany. The network consists of professionals in travel medicine, infectious diseases, epidmiology, hospital hygine and microbiology.

The research collaboration focuses on the introduction of more virulent and antibiotic resistant strains through intercontinental travel and aims on providing data on the importation of such strains as well as defining risk groups for targeted interventions.


Virulent and antibiotic resistant Staphylococcus aureus is a globally emerging pathogen. Exchangeable virulence factors have been proposed to drive this epidemic. Skin infections and colonization in travelers may contribute to the spread of such strains.

Study outline

Participating centres are requested to submit swabs of travel related skin and soft tissue infections or already isolated S. aureus together with brief information on travel characteristics (study form) to the centre in Tübingen. In case S. aureus can be isolated from the material, information on antibiotic resistance and molecular typing will be redistributed to the submitting institution (for research use only!). Results will be periodically summarized and provided to all centres and made available to public health authorities in Europe.

Criteria for inclusion of patients

  • Patient has pus producing skin infection on day of clinic visit.
  • Onset of skin infection while abroad or within 30 days after entry into the EU.
    (NOTE: The first clinic visit can be later than 30 days after returning from a stay outside the EU as long as the timepoint of onset is within the given trimeframe.)
  • Submitting centre is located in the country of the patient’s residence

Study participation

Health professionals or institutions located in the EU and providing care to returning travelers are welcome to join StaphTrav. For more information please visit  the website