About Us

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Originally affiliated to TropMedEurop – representing in the 90ies the leading institutes and department of  tropical medicine in Europe– TropNet was founded under the name TropNetEurop in 1999 to create a “European Network on Imported Infectious Disease Surveillance”.
Growing over the years, TropNetEurop has been renamed to TropNet in 2010 in the course of structural reforms and is currently the largest European Tropical and Travel Medicine Network, representing 58 specialised centres spread throughout Europe plus a number of observers.
Our Mission
The main tasks of TropNet are:
  • Providing expert advice on the optimal diagnosis and management of imported tropical and infectious diseases to members, as well as to other medical practitioners who may be attending travelers, immigrants and expatriates;
  • Providing a platform for collaborative research on travel-related infectious and non-infectious diseases;
  • Providing evidence based recommendations on key issues related to Tropical and Travel Medicine in Europe.