Network structure

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The core elements of the network are the Steering Committee, the Research Committee, and the member sites. All representatives are elected every other year by representatives of the member sites at the annual TropNet meeting.

Steering Committee:

  • Decisions concerning the network’s structure and direction
  • Recruits new member sites
  • Decides on membership status
  • Decides on uptake of research projects
  • Organises communication within the network
  • Coordinates research projects within the research committee
  • Coordinates teaching and training activities within the network
  • Coordinates, maintains, and ensures data management within the network
  • Facilitates the reporting activities and points of interest to the network members
  • Acts as intermediary for communication with institutions outside the network
  • Organises the Annual TropNet Meeting

Research Committee:

  • Defines SOPs for research projects conducted within the network
  • Reviews proposed research projects
  • Acts as contact for the different working groups on research related issues and questions (incl. authorship-rights regarding joint publications within the network)

NEW! Policy Development and Education Committee

  • Develops policies to be endorsed by the network on relevant issues related to TropNet mandate
  • Actively proposes policies for adoption by national or regional bodies (such as, but not limited to, on malaria prophylaxis, travel vaccines, screening policies)
  • Prepares drafts for TropNet statements on relevant issues (such as, but not limited to, drug availability, diagnosis and treatment protocols)
  • Policies and statements proposed by the PC will be reviewed by the SC and then approved by the Assembly, after which they can (if deemed appropriate) be submitted for publication.

Steering Committee

Guido Calleri


Jose Munoz

Barcelona (UHC)

Camilla Rothe


Olivia Veit


Thomas Zoller

Berlin (Charite)

Federico Gobbi


Marta Díaz Menéndez

Madrid ( Hospital Carlos IIl - La Paz)

Matthias Schmid


Naomi Walker


Research Committee

Thomas Zoller (Coordinator)

Berlin (Charite)

Daniel Camprubí

Barcelona (UHC)

Philipp Zanger


Emmanuel Bottieau


Juan Cuadros Gonzales

Madrid (HUPA)

Policy Develpoment and Education Committee

Christoph Hatz (Coordinator)

St. Gallen


Andreas Neumayr


Núria Serre

Barcelona (Vall D'Hebron)


Ville Holmberg


Matthias Schmid


Lorenzo Zammarchi