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22 June 2022

A large case series of travel-related Mansonella perstans (vector-borne filarial nematode): a TropNet study in Europe

Francesca Tamarozzi et al. Look at this paper published in April 2022. Journal of Travel Medicine xosotin chelseathông tin chuyển...
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22 June 2022

Artesunate monotherapy versus artesunate plus quinine combination therapy for treatment of imported severe malaria: a TropNet retrospective cohort study

Annarita Botta, Agnese Comelli, Iacopo Vellere, Flavia Chechi, Leila Bianchi, Gardini Giulia, Lina Rachele Tomasoni, Michele Spinicci, Luisa Galli, Francesco Castelli, Alessandro Bartoloni, Lorenzo Zammarchi Look at this paper published in...
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17 May 2022

Thanks to all participants of the TropNet Workshop 2022 in Madrid!

Madrid 10th - 12th May 2022 We have been waiting for this meeting for 3 years due to the pandemic,...
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